Set Up Your Careers Site

JobScore is designed to power your company’s Careers Site. It automatically updates your website when you add jobs into the system. Swell, huh?

Link your website with JobScore

Creating and dropping our Job Widget into your company's website is easy.

Use the Basic Controls in the Job Widget Builder to get your widget looking the way you want, then configure your widget and generate the javascript snippet. Drop our pre-generated javascript code on any page of your existing company website. It will display your JobScore-powered Careers Site. Click here to open your Job Widget Builder in a new window.

You are good to go! Get it live!

Make it Match Your Branding

You can customize your Careers Site to match your company's branding.

Self-service (Professional Customers): It's easy to match your Careers Site to your company branding. In the Advanced Options, point-and-click controls let you upload a header image and choose fonts and colors to use on your careers site. A built-in preview pane shows you exactly what you're changing. No web development skills required.

Custom HTML (Enterprise Customers): Your web developers can set up a complete custom design in JobScore to exactly matches your company's website look and feel. Your job lists, job detail pages, and job application pages all appear seamlessly integrated as part of your company's website. You'll find more instructions for your web developers here.

Congratulations! Now, Go get 'em, and Go Live!