Troubleshooting: Google Calendar is rejecting JobScore's attempts to schedule conference rooms

If you are trying to add conference rooms and are having trouble (i.e. they are automatically rejected) please try and see if following these steps resolves your problem.

  1. Open Google Calendar as a Google Admin
  2. Add all resources to your calendar (Click in the dropdown in "Other Calendars", then "Browse Interesting Calendars")

  3. Go to "More" and then "Resources for '"

  4. Click to subscribe all of them, and then go back to your calendar.
  5. For each Calendar Resource (room), go to the drop-down and click at Calendar Settings:

  6. Finally, change the setting to the second option, repeating that step for each calendar resource you want.

JobScore currently synchronizes resources with Google Calendar just once a day. If you complete all of the steps above and your conference rooms don't show up the next day, please contact