I'm an agency recruiter. How do I submit candidates to my client using the JobScore Search Firm Inbox?

What is the Search Firm Inbox?  

Third party recruiters (agencies) may submit candidates directly into their client's JobScore account by sending email to the Search Firm Inbox.  Sending a candidate to the Search Firm Inbox will:

  • Add the candidate, assign them to the job, notify your client and attribute you as the source of the candidate - ensuring you get credit for your submission
  • Track followup emails about your candidates between you and your client
  • Save your client the hassle of manually entering your candidate's information into the system every time you submit someone

How do I get started?

You'll need to ask your client to add you to their JobScore account as a search firm and assign you to some jobs so you can submit candidates.  Here's an example email you can send to speed things along:


I'd like to start submitting candidates for your jobs!  Please have someone with administrative or owner level access to JobScore add me to the system so I can get started.  In case you are unfamiliar with how to do this, here are some instructions:

Start on the Search Firms page.

  1. Click Add Search firm at the bottom of the table and enter information about my firm
  2. Add me as a recruiter who works for that search firm. Please use my work email (e.g. jim@myagencynamehere.com) because JobScore will only accept email from this address
  3. Assign me to the job(s) you want me to submit candidates for

Voila!  I'll be in. JobScore also makes it easy for you to send me a "request candidates" email asking me to submit candidates - I'd appreciate it if you could do that as well.

Important: Your client will only be able to assign you to jobs and have you submit candidates if the Search Firm Inbox feature is enabled in their account.  This Search Firm Inbox is bundled with the JobScore Enterprise Plan and they may need to upgrade to activate it.

I'm in! How do I submit candidates?

Each Job in JobScore has a unique "resume inbox" email address for the job.  To submit a candidate you'll need to send an email to that specific address with the candidate's resume as an attachment and your submission notes in the body of the email.

So where do I get this magic email address? 

When your client assigns you to a job you will be sent a "request candidates" email that asks you to submit candidates for a specific job.  This email includes your client's unique submission instructions and a copy of the job description.  The magic email address is the reply-to address of this email.

So the easiest way is to submit a candidate for a job is to reply to the "request candidates" email.  Though the email will look like it comes from your client, the "reply to" is different - just click reply, follow instructions and hit send - that's it!

We recommend saving your request candidates emails in a folder for later use, but if you lose it and need to find the email address again:

  • Try checking your sent items folder (if you previously submitted a candidate just re-use the email address) or
  • Ask your client to resend the "request candidates" email  

If you are the sort of person who needs to understand how the sausage is made, here are the instructions to re-create the exact email address to submit candidates for the job: (yup, this is gonna get a little technical)

Each job in JobScore has a unique Search Firm Inbox email address. A sample address for the organization mycompany for requisition 0045 would be resume+mycompany+0045@inbox.jobscore.com. The way to "rebuild" this email is as follows: resume+companyID+jobID@inbox.jobscore.com -- you'll need to do this because JobScore isn't psychic - you'll need to signal which company and which job you want to submit a candidate to.

It's totally fine to include cc's in your submissions but make sure to put the Search Firm Inbox email address in the to: line of your email.  

If you want more people to be able to read them, please include them as cc's in your submission.

Resume submission troubleshooting tips: 

  1. Attach 1 and only 1 document to your email: the candidate's resume.  If you include more than one attachment it won't work.
  2. Your resume will be run through a parser.  This means we'll extract the candidate's name, contact information, work history and education history from the attachment and fill it in for you.  To ensure the parser works correctly, you'll need to submit resume attachments with "selectable text" (not an image) in the pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, or html file formats.
  3. Your resume attachment must include the candidate's contact information including first name, last name, email and phone number inside the resume for the parser to find it. For best results, please submit unscrubbed resumes.
  4. Include submission notes about the candidate in the body of your email. By default your message will be public to anyone who is assigned to the job. If you wish for your message to be private use "/private" in the message body before your text. This information will be added to the system as a "private" note that by default is viewable by the in-house recruiter for the job.  If you would like to share it with others (for instance, the hiring manager), include them in the cc line.  Feel free to include sensitive information (e.g. compensation details, travel/time restrictions, visa status, etc.) in your submission notes -- they will only be visible to the people who are supposed to see them!
  5. When you reply to the "request candidates" email make sure to add your notes above the ##please reply above this line## marker - that's the only way to have them recorded in JobScore.  Any content entered below this marker will be ignored and not added as a note.
  6. If your submission is successfully processed you'll receive a confirmation message back from JobScore.  If it's not, you should receive a helpful error message that lets you know what happened so you can try again.

If you've followed the steps above and are still having trouble with the Search Firm Inbox, please email support@jobscore.com and include information about which resume you are trying to submit for which client / job.