Google Integration Troubleshooting Guide

Integrating with Google can save you time and trouble in JobScore.  You can sync up your calendar, use SSO, and bulk add users to JobScore.

If you are having trouble with any of these items you need to go through 4 simple steps to ensure that your integration was completed properly by enabling your Google+ API.

  1. Open


  2. Click Apps > G Suite > Google+ > Service settings.


  3. Under the Organizations section, select the organization that you wish to enable Google+ apps for. If you don't see an "Organizations" section, you likely only have only one organization in your Google Apps domain & therefore can skip this step.
  4. Now when you open the JobScore Marketplace App Settings, you will want to make sure that it is turned on for everyone:


** It is very important that the Google+API is enabled. JobScore needs that API access in order for SSO to work. Don't worry, this is a Google limitation and JobScore will never read or publish anything to your (or your company's) Google+ API. **

If you continue to have trouble with your integration, email to report the issue.


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