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How do I use the Namely HRIS integration?

The Namely integration creates new employee records in Namely when you hire candidates in JobScore.  When activated, a new section called "Add New Hire to HRIS" appears on the hire candidate form in JobScore that looks like this:



After you hire someone, a link is shown that points you at the page where you can start the onboarding process in Namely:



When you do this, the candidate's resume, name, home email, home address, start date, and self-reported EEO data will be pushed to Namely.  Note that email is a required field; you will not be able to transfer candidates who don't have a home email address in JobScore.

How to activate the Namely integration

The Namely integration only works if you are on the JobScore Enterprise plan, which you can determine on this page in JobScore.  If you are not on the enterprise plan, please contact

Step 1: Create a Namely access token

  1. Log into Namely (you must be an Administrator)
  2. Click the Admin menu to get to the API page
  3. Create a new access token to power the JobScore integration



Important: Access Tokens are like passwords and should never be given out or shared or made public.

Step 2: Configure your Namely integration in JobScore

  1. Log into JobScore as an administrator
  2. Visit your integrations page, located here and click to activate the HRIS integration (the ACTIVATE link is on the upper left of the section).
  3. On the Setup HRIS integration page choose Namely in step 1, then click I'm ready in step 2.
  4. In step 3 fill in the form.
  1. In the subdomain area make sure to include an exact match with the spelling used in the URL for your Namely account. For example, if you log in at, your company subdomain is "example"
  2. In the permanent access token area paste in the access token you created in step 2
  3. If your company uses Namely Onboarding, please check the last box - this will insert candidate data directly into the Namely Onboarding module.

Once you've filled in all the details click the "Activate Integration" button.  We'll test to make sure everything is working and if so, you are good to go.  The "Add New Hire to ATS" option will show on the hire candidate form (shown at the top of the article) and you are ready to roll!




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