How do I send a survey?

There may be times where you wish to send a survey. This can prove useful when evaluating your hiring process. 

There are a few free or paid survey tools you can incorporate with JobScore to meet this need. 

Finding the right solution

Google Forms

Google Forms is an easy & free way to collect and organize information. With Google Forms you can customize the form to fit your style and easily share the results with the rest of your team.


Wufoo offers both free and paid plans to build online forms. With their easy drag & drop form builder you'll find building your survey to be a breeze. 

Survey Monkey,

Survey Monkey also offers free and paid plans with even more functionality. 

Sending your survey

Once you've completed your form you'll be ready to send your survey. You can easily incorporate the survey into any one of your email templates or create a new one. By simply placing the URL to the survey in your template you can you easily request feedback from candidates.