How do I use the BambooHR HRIS integration?

The BambooHR integration creates new employee records in BambooHR when you hire candidates in JobScore. After you hire the candidate in JobScore you can choose to add them to BambooHR:


After you click the Add to BambooHR button a confirmation screen will be shown. At the top of this screen is a link to the newly created record in BambooHR. All you have to do is click to onboard the new hire:


Here's the screen you'll be taken to in BambooHR... just keep going!


The integration with BambooHR now allows you to pass resumes and cover letters from JobScore into BambooHR. A folder labeled "Documents from JobScore" will be created when you install the integration. This folder cannot be deleted, and any edits made will be changed globally.


For additional information to help you understand what JobScore is used for and how to integrate it with BambooHR, read this support article by BambooHR.

Data fields sent to BambooHR

New employees sent to BambooHR will have the following fields set from the candidate profile and accepted offer fields stored in JobScore: First & last name, home address, home email, home phone, work email, mobile phone, ethnicity, gender, hire date, job title, department, job location, FLSA code, and hourly/salary pay details.

How to activate the BambooHR integration

The BambooHR integration is only available to customers on the JobScore Scale and Enterprise plans.  You can see which plan you are on here.  Please contact to learn more about JobScore plans and prices.

  1. Log into JobScore as an administrator.
  2. Visit the BambooHR integration page and click "Activate".
  3. Fill in the subdomain and click "Activate Integration". In the subdomain area make sure to exactly match the spelling for the URL for your BambooHR account. For example, your company subdomain is "example" if you log in at
  4. You will be taken to the BambooHR log in page, and after a successful login, you are good to go!

That's it!  Now when you hire a candidate you'll see "Confirm details to add to BambooHR" page after the hire candidate form in JobScore.