How do I use the ADP Workforce Now® HRIS integration?

The ADP Workforce Now® integration creates new employee records in ADP when you hire candidates in JobScore.  When activated, a new section called "Confirm details to add to ADP" will appear after you hire a candidate in JobScore:



Leave the box checked if want to add the candidate to ADP Workforce Now®.  When you do this, the candidate's name, home email, home address, anticipated start date, gender, phone and self-reported EEO data will be pushed to ADP.

After you click the "Add to ADP" button a confirmation screen will be shown.  At the top of this screen is a link to the newly created record in ADP Workforce Now®. All you have to do is click to onboard the new hire:




Here's the screen you'll be taken to in ADP Workforce Now®. Please click on the "In Progress Hires" Tab:




Once you've clicked on the in-progress hires tab, click on the name of the candidate you just hired to start onboarding:




How to activate the ADP Workforce Now® integration

Step 1: Ensure your ADP administrator has access to JobScore

Your ADP Workforce Now® administrator must have access to your JobScore account to activate the integration.  Please ensure that the same email address is used for the user in both ADP and JobScore.  If you are already an ADP admin and want to install the connector yourself, please skip to step 2.

If you are not an ADP admin, please add the ADP admin as a user in JobScore with administrative privileges with the email address they use in ADP. Then forward them these instructions so they can enable the integration.

Step 2: Install the JobScore ADP Workforce Now® Connector in the ADP Marketplace

As an ADP admin, please navigate to the JobScore ADP Workforce Now Connector page in the ADP Marketplace. Click "TRY THE FREE VERSION" and "purchase" this free product.


To complete this purchase you will need to be logged in to your ADP Workforce Now® account.  After purchase you will be asked to "Initiate Consent" - please follow these instructions.  ADP will then send you an email when the connector has been activated.  

Step 3: Have your ADP administrator set up a Hire/Rehire Template to power the integration

At this time the integration only works with one New Hire Template, which you will need to configure to activate the integration.  Start by visiting the New Hire Templates page in your account here >>

The integration will only associate candidates with a Hire/Rehire template named "Applicant Onboard"  You can either create a new Hire/Rehire template by clicking "add" at the top of the table, or edit an existing template and re-name it to have this name.




The integration is case-sensitive, so the Template Name must be exactly "Applicant Onboard" with capitalization and one space in-between each word, as seen in the screenshot below:



The template cannot have any custom required fields. To verify this, please click on the Select Fields step. In the "PERSONAL" area, make sure that none of the fields are set to "required" (they must be set to "off" or "optional").




Finally, the template must be assigned to the "Practitioner" role and "Profile for system users established by Marketplace Data Connector applications".  Click on the assign users tab of your applicant onboard template and verify the box is checked for "Practitioner."  Here's the page:



All done? Great! You're ready to use the integration.  You'll know the integration has been enabled when the "Confirm details to add to ADP" page appears after the hire candidate form in JobScore.

If you have any questions about the integration, please contact

What if we need to use multiple new hire templates?

At this time ADP's APIs only support using one hire/new hire template.  We recommend setting up the "Applicant Onboard" template include the settings you use most frequently at your company.  If you need to use a different hire/rehire template we recommend unchecking the "Add New hire to HRIS" option and that you add your new hire manually to ADP Workforce Now® by cutting-and-pasting in information from JobScore.