How do I use the ADP Workforce Now® HRIS integration?

Per ADP policy after Nov 07, 2023 JobScore can no longer offer the ADP Workforce Now® connector for free.

The connector can only be installed by ADP Workforce Now® administrators when they are logged in from this page.

Pricing information is available on that page for logged-in ADP admins.

The integration allows you to add information about candidates you hire in JobScore to ADP as “in-progress” hires. After the in-progress hire record is created, you’ll be prompted to log into ADP to finish creating new employee records.

Once the integration is active, you’ll be prompted to choose which “New Hire Template” you wish to use when you hire candidates in JobScore. New Hire Templates can be configured here in ADP Workforce Now® >>


The new hire template you select determines which fields are shown and which fields are required in JobScore. JobScore pre-populates as many of these fields as possible with information from the candidate record, job record, and offer record associated with your new hire.


When you click the "Add to ADP" button the candidate is added to ADP and a confirmation screen is shown. At the top of the screen is a link to navigate to ADP to finish adding the in-progress hire:


This link will navigate you to the Hire/ReHire page in ADP. Please select the "Go to Hire" option:


From there, click on the "In Progress Hires" Tab:


Select the name of the hired candidate to keep going:


Complete the new hire wizard, which inherits the settings from the hire/new hire template you originally selected in JobScore:


IMPORTANT: Once you select a new hire template and create an in-progress hire, the template cannot be changed - so choose carefully!


How to activate the ADP Workforce Now® integration

This installation process can only be initiated and completed by ADP Workforce Now® administrators.

Your ADP Workforce Now® administrator must be a user with the owner or admin access level in your JobScore account with the same work email address to activate the integration.

If you are not an ADP admin, please add the ADP admin as a user in JobScore with the admin or owner access level with the same email address they use in ADP. Then please forward them these instructions to ask them to enable the integration.

Visit the JobScore ADP Workforce Now Connector page in the ADP Marketplace. Click the “Buy Now” button:


After purchase you will be asked to "Initiate Consent" - please follow these instructions. After you grant consent, ADP will send you an email when the connector has been activated.

Once activated there’s nothing further for you to do. Whenever someone hires a candidate in JobScore, they’ll be asked if they want to add them to ADP as an in-progress hire.