What are interview email reminders? How do they work?

Interview email reminders are bundled with our Google and Microsoft Calendar Integrations.  Calendar Integrations make it easy to see free/busy status for your team and schedule appointments that include all the necessary information a team needs to conduct interviews – a huge time saver.

Getting the right information on people's calendars is a great start, but sending communications before and after each interview is even better...  This is what interview email reminders help automate.

Two types of interview email reminders

  • Pre-interview reminders are sent before a task starts and prompt team members to prepare for the interview in advance.  With Pre-interview reminders, you won't need to print up any information before interviews, JobScore takes care of that automatically.
  • Post-interview reminders are sent after the end time of a task to remind people to add feedback about the candidate. Post-interview reminders are only sent when a note template is associated with a task in JobScore. With post-interview reminders, you won't need to remind your team to add interview feedback, JobScore does it for you.

Default reminder settings

  • 1 hour before an interview starts: This setting ensures that the information your team needs is in their inbox before an interview starts.  Both candidate profiles and candidate resumes are mobile optimized in JobScore, so there shouldn't be any need to print resumes before interviews.
  • 1 hour after an interview ends: JobScore is designed to make it easy for your team members to add notes while they are interviewing a candidate.  If they submit their notes as they walk out of an interview, they are all set – no reminder will be sent out. If they didn't submit their feedback and 1 hour passes, they are pinged to add interview feedback.
  • Every day after, for one week: If an entire day passes without entering feedback, the user is sent a reminder every business day for one week asking them to add their feedback.  This alert can be annoying, but it's automatically shut off once the user enters feedback, prompting the team to act quickly.

 Here's what interview reminder settings look like for each user:

Reminder appearance

Pre-interview reminders include the candidate's profile and have their resume attached:

Post-interview reminders ask the user to add feedback.  They navigate directly to the form where users are supposed to enter their notes:

Reminder settings can be changed per user on the user's Email Alerts page

To access this page, start by clicking on the User in JobScore. Reminders are shown on the View User > Overview page. Interview reminders can be changed for each user.

This means you can turn off all reminders for a team member who always promptly adds their feedback and set 3 pre-interview reminders and 5 post-interview reminders for someone who is notoriously bad about preparing for interviews and adding feedback.

Only users with OWNER and ADMIN access can edit interview reminder settings. Thus, most users will have to ask Recruiting or HR to change reminder settings, helping to ensure that reminders continue to go out to bad actors. Because JobScore's post interview reminders shut off automatically once a user adds feedback, most of the time when a team member asks to turn off reminders, all the ADMIN needs to say is: "Turning off reminders is easy, just enter your feedback" :)