How to edit Microsoft Integration User Settings

If you need them, instructions on how to install Microsoft integrations are here >>

Independent of whether you install the Microsoft User app or Microsoft Account app, individual users can control some Microsoft integrations. Users cannot control other user’s Microsoft settings, only their own. To change integration settings visit, your my settings page, find the email identity you want to change the settings for and click on the edit icon:


This opens the Edit Microsoft Settings drawer, where you control how the Microsoft Outlook email integration works. You decide whether JobScore can send emails using your email address and whether JobScore will synchronize the emails you exchange with candidates.

The drawer also shows whether the Microsoft Calendar and Microsoft Teams integrations are active. Only users with the Admin or Owner access level can change the Microsoft Teams setting in your account


If your firm installed the account app, it’s possible some of the Microsoft Outlook controls have been globally disabled. Differences between the account app and user app are summarized here, and a summary of what can be controlled at the account level is here.

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