What are offer fields? How do I use them?

Offer letters, offer templates and offer fields

  • JobScore includes the ability to create offer letters to send to candidates when you want to hire them. 
  • Offer letters are created using offer templates which establish what information is necessary to generate offer letters. 
  • Offer fields are the information that's collected in offer templates to generate offer letters.

When its time to make an offer, offer fields help you make JobScore do what's needed. Every business makes offers in a different way, and sometimes the offer process is different within the same company for different locations and departments.  Offer fields help you customize each offer to include the attributes you need.  Examples would be the candidate's name, offered job title and the compensation amount.

JobScore includes many standard offer fields that cannot be removed from your account.  Many of these standard offer fields are mapped to job fields.  

Pro tip: These mappings are important because they allow you to add logic to JobScore to create pre-approved offer bands. For instance you could create a pre-approved compensation offer band of US$70,000 to US$90,000 annual salary for a job.  That way if you create an offer for US $80,000 for the job, it wouldn't require approval.  Learn more about offer approvals.

JobScore also includes the ability to create custom offer fields which can be customized for each offer. (e.g.“Search Firm Fee”)

There are five types of custom offer fields you can add to your account: currency, date, number, text and multiple choice.  Only users with the Owner and Admin access levels can add and edit custom offer fields. A complete list of offer fields in your account can be found here >>

Offer fields are assigned to offer templates and are shown whenever you add or edit an offer in JobScore:


Offer fields and tokens

Each offer field has a token.  Offer fields are hard-coded to offer templates by including the token in the text of an offer letter .docx file you use to create an offer template, like this:


Whenever you view an offer in JobScore, you can see the offer fields and the data you entered for them in the offer details area:



Now that you've got a handle on offer fields, it's probably time to create some offer templates >>