How do I use the DocuSign e-signature integration?

The JobScore <--> DocuSign integration connects your company's DocuSign account to JobScore so offer letters can be reviewed, signed and stored there.

If you haven't created an offer with JobScore yet please start with the offers overview article to understand the basics and then learn how to set up offer templates.

How the integration works

Once activated the integration will push the offer letters you create using offer templates into DocuSign.  You can then send candidates a link to review their offer letter and sign it:


Through the integration candidates can only add their signature and DocuSign will add the date when they do so:


The candidate will be emailed a copy of their signed offer letter when they sign. JobScore will also  send the user who requested the signature an email:

Offer signed notification

Both you and the candidate will get copies of the signed offer letter to keep. DocuSign will attach the document's audit log to the signed offer letter document.

How to activate the DocuSign integration

The DocuSign integration requires at least the Business Pro plan with Docusign and is only available to customers on the JobScore Scale and Enterprise plans. You can see which JobScore plan you are on here.  Please contact to learn more about JobScore plans and prices.

To enable this integration, you'll need to be an Owner or Admin in your JobScore account and an Account Admin of your DocuSign account.

The integration will only work if you have "envelopes" in your DocuSign account. If you run out of envelopes please contact DocuSign to add more to your account.

To get started visit the integrations page in JobScore, scroll to the e-signatures area and click activate:


In step 1 select whether you have an account or need a new one.  Then select the DocuSign option from the drop down menu


In step 2 read the instructions carefully then click "I'm ready." In Step 3 you'll be asked to select which page you want to send candidates to after they sign your offer letter - most people choose to send them to their company homepage, which we've pre-populated for your convenience.  Click "Activate Integration" to continue:


You’ll be taken to DocuSign, where you’ll enter your email click the “continue” button and then enter your password if prompted to do so.


After you successfully login to DocuSign, JobScore will show that the integration is active:


JobScore uses the required {candidate_signature} offer field token to power the e-signature integration, so once its activated, everything will "just work" - there's nothing further you need to do.

Once the integration has been activated, it is active for every user in your account and everyone can use it.

JobScore does not support having company employees countersign offer letters. Please use the JobScore offer approvals feature (coming soon) if you want to have team members involved in the offer process.  The other option is to include your employee's name and signature in the offer letter template.

Only one e-signature integration can be enabled in JobScore at a time. If you are currently using Adobe Sign and are switching to DocuSign, please finish sending all in-progress offers before activating DocuSign.

If you have any questions about offers or the DocuSign integration, please don't hesitate to contact