How to set up the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration

The Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration streamlines your workflow between LinkedIn Recruiter and JobScore.  Gone will be the days of clumsy cutting and pasting, endless toggling between browser tabs and not knowing a candidate's complete outreach and interviewing history.

This article includes step by step instructions on how to activate the integration. To learn how the integration works please read this article that describes the JobScore ←→ LinkedIn Recruiter integration .

Integration Requirements

  • You must have a LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate contract. Recruiter Lite is not supported.
  • You must be a seat-holder with admin privileges in LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Your JobScore account must be on the Enterprise plan. (see which plan you are on here).
  • You must have the Admin or Owner access level in your JobScore account

Activating the integration has 3 steps

  1. Kick off the integration in JobScore
  2. Enable the integration in the LinkedIn user interface
  3. Connect JobScore users with their LinkedIn Recruiter seats

Step 1: Kickoff the integration in JobScore

To complete this step you will need to have the admin or owner access level in JobScore

Visit the integrations page in JobScore, scroll down to the sourcing area and click on the ACTIVATE link:


If you are not already logged into Recruiter you will be prompted to enter your LinkedIn credentials.  If you have seats on multiple Recruiter contracts you will be prompted to select which contract to connect.

Next, on the Recruiter System Connect row, click the "Request" button:


After you click on it, the request button will be replaced by text that says “Partner ready.”

Step 2: Enable the integration in the LinkedIn Recruiter user interface

To complete this step you must be a seat-holder with admin privileges in LinkedIn Recruiter.

Open a new browser window and sign in to LinkedIn Recruiter. Hover over the More tab and select the Admin settings option.  Then select the ATS tab:

In the table you should see a row for Recruiter System Connect for JobScore.  Click to open this row and click enable for both "Contract level access" and "Company level access"


To make sure everything is working, toggle back to the JobScore window you left open in Step 1.  In case you closed the window, it's this page. Where it used to say “Partner ready” in the Recruiter System connect row it should now say “Enabled” like this:


If you don't see this text, please try refreshing your browser window.

When you see "enabled" the process of connecting JobScore candidates to LinkedIn profiles has started. But you're not done yet...


Once you complete steps 1 & 2 a one-time synchronization between JobScore and LinkedIn Recruiter will start.  The more jobs and candidates that you have in your JobScore account, the longer this sync will take. It can take up to a day to complete this synchronization. When this sync is complete we will notify you by email and you can move on to step 3 and start using the integration.

Step 3: Connect JobScore users with LinkedIn Recruiter seats

To finish your set up, you'll need to connect users in JobScore to their LinkedIn Recruiter seats.

JobScore tries to do this automatically by connecting all users with a recruiter seat on your contract to users with matching emails in JobScore.  This doesn't work 100% of the time as many people don't add their work email address to their LinkedIn profile... so you'll need to check that this worked manually.

Start by visiting the users page in JobScore.  You'll see a list of all users in your account.  if they are connected to a LinkedIn Recruiter seat, you'll see a LinkedIn icon next to their username, like this:


If you see someone who has a seat but doesn't have the icon next to their name, click on their name.  From the user's page, click on the "EDIT" link in the account and contact area.


On the edit user screen you'll see a attribute called "LinkedIn Recruiter seat." Select the seat you want to assign to the user from the drop down menu and click update at the bottom of the page.


Repeat this step for all of your LinkedIn Recruiter seats.  If you don't see a user that you're looking for on the users page, you can add them on this page and then connect their seat.


You've completed setup.  Relax for a bit while we get all of your information synchronized, JobScore will send you an email when everything is done.


Is there a cost to use LinkedIn RSC?

Recruiter System Connect is available to JobScore Enterprise customers with Recruiter Corporate contracts at no additional cost from either service.  If you are not currently on JobScore Enterprise, please contact

How do I deactivate the LinkedIn RSC integration?

If you’d like to deactivate the Recruiter System Connect integration and remove your JobScore data from LinkedIn, you can request assistance from  You will also need to contact LinkedIn to complete deactivation and have the option to explicitly delete your JobScore data from LinkedIn by emailing

What if my company has multiple Recruiter contracts?

You can connect multiple contracts to your JobScore account after initial setup by switching contracts in the Recruiter user experience and enabling the Contract Level access control for each contract using the instructions in Step 2.

What's the difference between Company-level and Contract-level access? Why are these separate controls?

It's not required to enable both, but some RSC features will remain inactive if you don't. More details on which features are tied to which access type are here.

Still have questions?  Please visit the Linkedin FAQ about Recruiter System Connect or contact


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