How do I connect Zapier to my JobScore account?

Zapier is a powerful integration platform, it's the glue that connects more than 1,000 different web apps together.  Zaps are workflows that connect your apps so they can work together. 

The basic version of Zapier is free. If you want to make more complex, multi-step zaps details on Zapier pricing may be found here >>

To connect Zapier to JobScore you'll first need to create a free Zapier account here.  Next, please visit this page in JobScore where you'll be able to fetch an API key to power the integration.

Follow the instructions on this page, which prompt you to cut-and-paste your personal JobScore <--> Zapier API key into Zapier and you are good to go!

Got everything working?  Great!  Now it's time to create some Zaps >>