How do I create zaps using the JobScore Zapier integration?

What are Zaps?

Zaps make things happen automatically -- with no human intervention.  Each Zap is like a sentence with two parts: IF something happens in one system, THEN make something happen in another system. The first "IF" part of the sentence is called a Trigger.  The second "THEN" part is an Action.

JobScore only supports Zapier triggers right now.  This means that you can set up zaps that monitor when specific things happen in JobScore, and set up actions to that happen in other systems. For instance, you could set up a zap to keep track of when candidates apply for a specific job and send an email whenever that happens. 

JobScore Triggers & Examples

The possibilities with Zapier are limitless! Here's a list of JobScore triggers and some ideas of what you could do with them.

Job Added

  • When a new job is added send me an SMS or email (so I can review it)

Job Status Changed

  • When a job is opened in JobScore, share it on twitter

Candidate Applied

  • Whenever a new candidate applies to one of my jobs, send a notification to a slack channel
  • Whenever a candidate applies to a specific job, send them a survey.
  • Whenever a candidate applies to a job, add them as a contact in Mailchimp

Candidate Workflow Stage Changed 

  • Whenever a candidate enters a specific stage, notify me on slack
  • Whenever a candidate is entered in a specific stage, send them an email asking them to take an assessment (survey)
  • Whenever a candidate is declined, send them an NPS survey 
  • Whenever a candidate is hired, notify me by SMS
  • Whenever a candidate is hired, start an onboarding checklist

Task Added

  • Whenever an interview task is scheduled, create a task in Asana, Trello or Jira

JobScore Actions

For now JobScore does not have any supported Actions in Zapier.  Actions would allow you to do things like adding candidates to JobScore, assigning a candidate to a job or updating their workflow stage.  If you have a clear idea of how you want to connect triggers from other programs and drive actions in JobScore, please add them to the ideas forum >>

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