How can I build my own reports?

JobScore includes 20+ built in reports to help you analyze and improve your recruiting.  But sometimes you need to roll your own custom reports and analytics.  We get it.  So we built a business intelligence connector (BI Connector) that makes it easy to meet your advanced reporting needs.

Available to customers on the Enterprise plan, the JobScore BI Connector provides direct access to your recruiting data.  This includes all the data your team will need to analyze recruiting activity and build custom reports & visualizations: jobs, candidates, applications, workflow stage changes, emails, notes, interviews, offers, and hires.  

A managed data warehouse

When you enable the BI Connector, we transfer your JobScore recruiting data to an Amazon Redshift instance that we manage and refresh nightly.  Your team can then connect this data to a business intelligence tool that’s an official Amazon Redshift business intelligence partner including, Cognos, Looker, Microstrategy, Periscope, Tableau, Tibco and more. (see the full list here).  

Self-hosting option

If your team prefers, we can push daily updates of your data to your own Amazon S3 bucket to make it easy for you to load the data directly into the data analytics infrastructure that you manage.  Just let us know where you’d like us to send it.

For complete instructions on how to set up the BI Connector and our data schema documentation, please contact your account manager.  Feel free to email if you’d like to chat about what you plan to include in your KPIs, custom metrics and dashboards - we love that stuff!