Advanced job marketing techniques

JobScore makes it easy for you to promote your jobs through as many channels as possible.  After you finish the basics of branding your careers site theme, connecting JobScore to your company website, posting to job boards, and requesting referrals, here are a few other ways to promote your jobs.

  • Tracking Links can be used to share jobs through various channels that will provide you with data on the source of those candidates.
  • Create custom Landing Pages on your website to highlight specific jobs, departments or locations.  Custom landing pages can be used when you run ad campaigns on Google, Facebook or other ad platforms.  They are also useful when you have department specific pages on your website and want to highlight a specific department, or a college recruiting page with only entry level jobs.
  • If you have a corporate or employee blog you can add the JobScore job listing to your blog.

If you haven’t customized your careers page yet, go here to get started.