Create a Tracking Link

As you start to generate candidates, it's important to be able to track and report on where the candidates come from.  The way to get high quality data on where candidates come from is by pre-populating that data when the candidate submits their application.

JobScore makes sure this is populated when you post to job boards through JobScore.  However if you are going to do marketing outside of JobScore and you want high quality source reports you will want to use the tracking links.  We want to encourage you to be creative in how you generate candidates, so we give you the ability to add as many sources as you want.

Learn all about sources here >>

While there are many different ways to use tracking links, let's use LinkedIn as an example.  To get the tracking link, open up the Job Manager page:

  1. Open the job that you want to post externally and click on the Action Menu > “Create Tracking Link” 

  2. Select “Job Board” in the Source field and then “LinkedIn” in the Job Board field. Note: If your desired job board doesn't appear in this list, you can scroll down and select "Add Custom Job Board".

  3. Log into your LinkedIn account, find your list of jobs, and edit the job where you want to insert the tracking link.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page, select “Direct candidates”, and paste in the JobScore Tracking Link. link3.png

If you want to make sure that it works, go back to LinkedIn, click the jobs tab, and search for your job. Make sure the “Apply on Company Website” button is shown. Clicking on that button should redirect you to the appropriate page on your JobScore career site.


Then as the applicant is filling out the their application the "how did you hear about us?" question is pre-populated with the information about LinkedIn.


Note: A tracking link is unique for the job as well as the job board and can only be used for that one job on that particular site.