Create your own Widget (and make it look good)

This step requires the ability to edit your company website. Can't do that? Ask a coworker for help >>

Your company website is a great resource for candidates so JobScore wants to make it easy for you to add your open jobs to your website.  You can do that by just pointing the 'Careers' link to JobScore, or you can embed the jobs directly on your page.   We will show you how to make your widget look awesome, and then how to add it to your website.

  1. Open the widget builder.
  2. Choose and customize the layout for your widget 
  3. We detect your colors, but you can adjust them as needed
  4. Finish customizing and check out the changes in the preview on the right
  5. Click to add to your website when you are ready!

If you have a developer who can edit HTML & CSS check out the developer's guide for the JobScore Jobs widget to make advanced customizations.

If you use Microsoft Sharepoint contact us to learn how to configure your internal widget.

The next step is to embed your widget on your company careers page.