Redirect your website careers link to JobScore

This step requires the ability to edit your company website. Can't do that? Ask a coworker for help >>

The quickest way to connect your website to JobScore is to point the "Careers" link in your website navigation to JobScore.  This will sends job seekers directly to your JobScore hosted jobs list page:


There are just a few steps to do this:

  1. Grab your careers site URL on this page >> Career_site_URL__1_.png
  2. Redirect Careers Link.  Ask someone who has access to edit the company website to change the behavior of the Careers or Jobs link to point to the URL you copied.  If you haven't added Careers to your navigation yet, add it to your header and/or footer and point it to your JobScore URL.  This way you don't need to support a whole careers page as it will redirect straight to JobScore.

To ensure a seamless experience when navigating to our page, make sure to add a theme with your logo, font and colors so JobScore will feels just like your website.

If you don't want to redirect but want to add your jobs to your own website, you'll likely want to create and add the JobScore widget to your website.