Make your JobScore careers site match your company logo and brand


The appearance of your job postings makes a strong impression on candidates so JobScore wants to make sure you look awesome.  JobScore has already taken the first step in detecting your logo, fonts and colors from your website.  If you think it looks good, then you are done!  If it needs some adjustment, open Themes and Appearances and follow these steps.

  1. Select a Theme.  The theme will have different layouts for how to present the jobs, choose the one that matches your company best. 2019-11-27_14-09-03__1_.gif
  2. Verify your logo looks awesome.  We have grabbed a logo from your website, but if for any reason you want to use a different image you can always update it on this page.
  3. Adjust company font and colors.  Get your marketing team involved and grab your style guide.  We did our best to match your company website, but if you need to make adjustments you can add the color codes and fonts to make the page look and feel like your website. 2019-11-27_14-13-09__1_.gif
  4. Preview Page.  In the bottom right you can toggle between the different pages as well as the different possible devices you can view them on.2019-11-27_14-13-09_copy__1_.gif

If you have a developer who can edit the HTML & CSS check out how to configure custom CSS and common CSS customization for JobScore.

Now that you have all of this great style information, you should also customize your company widget so when you are ready to install it in your careers site it is already styled correctly.

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