How do we turn on Approvals?

Enable Approvals for Jobs and Offers

Only users with the owner access level can turn on approvals.  When approvals are activated you’ll need specific team members to approve before a job can be moved into the OPEN status or an offer can be EXTENDED to a candidate.

Visit Admin > Approvals page and click EDIT to activate

approval page

Your organization may want to have controls at the starting line of the recruiting process (opening jobs), the finish line (making offers) or both - we’ve got you covered.   You can turn one or both on independently.

edit approval settings

If your organization wants to approve opening all jobs as a standard practice, but only wants require approvals on certain jobs (e.g. only your managerial and executive positions), you would make Job Approvals REQUIRED, but Offer Approvals OPTIONAL.

Review and update your Default Approval Chains

To turn on approvals, you’ll need to create a default approval chain.  Approval chains implement your approval process, defining who specifically needs to say yes to open a job or extend an offer.  

To select your default approval chains, click on the drop down. To add a chain, click the + Add Job Approval Chain and + Add Offer Approval Chain options in the drop down.

add offer approval chain

A chain consists of one or more steps in the review process, and each step may have multiple approvers, any or all of whom whose approval would be required to complete the step.

Using additional custom Approval Chains

If you want to get started with multiple approval chains (for instance, one for each country or different chains for different departments) we’re happy to help!  Drop a line to your Account Manager or to to ask for a hand setting this up using your Job Templates.

Approval permissions

Owners are the only user level that can configure Approvals.  Owners control which approval chain is tied to each job and job template.  Owners can also cancel or override individual approvals at any time.

Turning off approvals

Disabling approvals is simple.  Visit the Admin > Approvals page, click EDIT, and switch job and/or offer approvals off.

Any pending approvals will be immediately and automatically completed.  Anyone will be able to move jobs to open or extend offers going forward.

Consider making approvals optional, simplifying  your default approval chains or turning on offer pre-approvals instead of turning off approvals altogether.