How do I get an offer approved?

To use offer approvals you must be on the ENTERPRISE plan and the approvals feature must be turned on by a user with the owner access level.

Offer approvals control whether an offer you create in JobScore can be extended to a candidate either by email or using JobScore's Docusign or AdobeSign e-signature integrations.

How to request approval for an offer

Start by creating an offer for the candidate you want to hire in JobScore using an offer template.  After you enter offer details like the compensation and job title, you'll be shown a preview of your offer letter.  Newly created offers are put into the DRAFT offer status.   Get started by clicking on the request approval button:

request approval button on the draft offer page

Not ready to request approval just yet?  You can pick things up later from the candidate's page in JobScore:

candidate page

Next, on the request offer approval page you'll see who will be asked to approve the offer in the approval chain area as well as the offer details approvers see.  You'll also be prompted to add a message for all approvers to read:

request offer approval page

Grease the skids by adding some information about why you want to make an offer to the specific candidate.  Once you request approval, JobScore marks the approval as "pending" and starts sending emails to approvers and collecting responses.  Here's what an approval request email looks like:

request offer approval email

When an approver clicks to view approval details, they see the request details (full website and mobile versions supported!) and they are prompted to approve, reject or ask a question: 

View approval offer details page

If there are multiple steps in your approval chain, JobScore keeps notifying the next person as each step is completed.  As the requestor you will be notified every time an approver takes action.  When the approval chain is complete, you’ll receive an email letting you know you can extend the offer:

email informing offer is approved

If anyone asks a questions or rejects your approval request, you'll also be notified -- so you can easily follow up or edit the offer and try to get your request approved again.  Approvals in JobScore support an unlimited number of comments and re-requests to manage the back-and-forth that's often required to get a job approved.

Editing approved offers

After an offer is approved you can still edit it, but be warned: any compensation changes will trigger reapproval.

Stuck?  Ask an account owner for help

Owners can "override" approval chains, so if you need to make a quick job edit, consider asking a coworker with the owner access level to do it for you.

Pro Tip: Streamline offer approvals with pre-approved compensation ranges

Want to make offer approval requests even faster?  Enter target compensation details to your job when you open it, and offer compensation details will be checked against those pre-approved ranges on the job.  Only “out of band” requests hold up the offer on manual review.