It would be super helpful if the answers to the questions candidates are required to complete could be automatically added to a candidate's profile as a tag. For example, if we ask a candidate what languages they speak and provide a drop-down menu, whatever answers they select (ex: English, Arabic) would be added as tags to that person's profile. 

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Rose,

    Cool idea which we'll look into.  For now, just so you know, you do have the ability to find candidates based on their answer.  click on the candidate manager > by answer then open up the filter.  choose the question and the answer you are looking for and it should build a list.

    I get that you'd like to build lists based on both answers and tags... something that's on our roadmap.

    I do have a follow up question though - for now ANSWERS are always provided by candidates where TAGS are always entered by the employees at your company.  We thought there might be a value in this distinction of candidate-entered and user-entered information - is that not true for you?

    Thanks again for the suggestion!


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