We have 100+ locations and an Administrative Coordinator at each location.  They are all "extended" users.  Sometimes they copy an existing job that they shouldn't (an old posting, a posting that isn't relevant to their location, or a posting with a different hiring team than theirs and they cannot change the hiring team).  Our request is to remove the option for an "extended" user to be able to copy an existing job.  They must use the job template.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Bianna,

    I certainly understand the problem you are outlining with the hiring team - where they cannot edit something they just created (even if by accident).

    * Removing the ability to clone jobs is not a simple fix.

    * It seems weird that extended users can't edit the hiring team for their own jobs (but can edit everything else) - I think that may just be a bug?  Would allowing them to edit hiring teams (and all aspects of jobs) help address the problem?  I'm pretty sure we need to just fix that.

    Alternatively, perhaps it would be possible to solve this with some training materials for your coordinators?


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