Despite pointing all candidates to our jobscore portal we still receive loads of application through email, adding them manually is such a pain.

Could you release an API so that a developer can build an email bridge or directly release it.


All the other ATS have this feature, I think that is critical for jobscore to get it as well.


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Yann,

    Inbound email processing is a much-requested feature.  Given our parse/verify/de-duplicate capabilities - and many of our customer's compliance requirements, this is a very difficult feature we keep putting off.  A few things:

    1. If you know of someone else doing a good job of this with patterns you think we should emulate, please let us know - we haven't seen anything else in our category (so far) that we've been impressed with - and we'd love to see some conversation here about what the specific  "right" implementation of inbound email looks like.
    2. In the interim we strongly recommend either:
      1. Completely deprecating your jobs@companyname.com email address or
    3. Setting up an autoresponder that tells candidates to apply online

    4. Re: API access - we hear you, and we'll likely be revisiting "API-izing" JobScore in the second half of 2011 after we knock a few more things off the road map.  

    Sorry we don't have immediate "here's what you want" anwser to your need, this is an oft-requested feature that there just isn't a simple fix for at this time - but we hear you and agree it's important!

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    Michael Fairchild

    Any more news on API access?  

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Michael,

    A few things:

    1. We do have a Read API for your jobs content, though this isn't what's requested here.
    2. We do plan to build a "write" API for candidate information at some point, but it's not on the immediate-term roadmap right now.  What will likely ship before that is a read api for candidate information in your account...
    3. We have built what's described above as an "email bridge" where you can just email candidates into your JobScore account by forwarding emails to resume@inbox.jobscore.com - we refer to this as your Resume Inbox and it's part of the Email Tracking feature which comes bundled with our premium plan and is described in more detail here:  https://support.jobscore.com/entries/22120978-What-is-email-tracking-in-JobScore-What-are-JobScore-Inboxes


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