For example, when I complete a task such as phone screen, I should be able add my notes and feedback.  When I assign the subsequent task of scheduling an interview loop, I should be able to add notes about who should be on the loop an what competencies they should interview for.  At present, the former is done via notes, while the latter is done out of band via email.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Martin,

    We've updated jobscore so that you can add tasks and notes on the same page, referred to as the candidate action page, addressing part of your concern.

    The other part, which is prompting a user to add a note when they complete a task is something we are unlikely to add at this time unless there is an outcry from the community.  Most of the time when you are marking tasks as "done" you aren't also doing something else - or you need to *do it* before you mark it done.

    Let me know if I'm missing something here or I've misunderstood your request.

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