Hello There,

Great site you got here. I have one small problem.

On your locations drop down, even though when you add a new location it asks you for detailed information, the only info you can see in the drop down is city and state. I have multiple locations (as many as 10!) in the same city, so when I go to enter the location, I cant tell which is which, I just see the city and state listed multiple times. So, more detail in the pull down view would be very helpful. My current work around is to have created a separate depart for each location. This works, but has its draw backs.


Thanks for Listening!


Dennis Levy

Director, Purchasing & Development

SLA Management




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    Brandon Disney

    Same exact issue here. Simply add a "StoreID" field or something like it to the Locations table (most any company that has more than a handful of locations has some form of internal Store ID they assign) would solve this easily and I'm guessing would be a fairly easy addition for the Jobscore dev staff...

    Hope there are more votes on this!

    • Brandon
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    Dan Arkind

    Added an "internal location" attribute so you can distinguish between locations in the same city, state inside the employer app.

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