Someone tried to share a link over IM to me and the url was so long it wasn't usable.

They clicked through to a candidate via the Candidates tab and then cut and paste the url in the browser address bar



A cleaner/simpler url would make easy/ad-hoc sharing simpler


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    Ben Vinegar

    Most of these urls are too long to be posted on irc, too. I've taken to using url shorteners just to share a JobScore link with my company.

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    Bob Mayes

    Shorter links for individual Candidates as well as lists (Candidate Manager > By Job) are now visible in the JobScore UI.  

    Click the "Forward" button on either the Candidate or Candidate Manager page that you're wanting to share.  The Forward Candidate(s) page is an email form that is ready-to-send... but if you want to cut-and-paste the url to send vi IM/IRC/etc., the URL is now exposed on that Forward Candidate(s) page.

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    Dan Arkind

    We've added shortened URLs on the forward candidate page for this express purpose.  

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