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Is there a way to tag resumes in JobScore? It would be great if we could tag resumes with various labels, such as tagging the ones that are from different recruiters (I can think of other uses of tags as well, such as "junior", "senior", "agile", etc.)


It seems that the notes section is the only place to put this information as of now.





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    Dan Arkind

    Great suggestion, and something that's on our roadmap.  Would love to see more discussion here about how you want tags to work / what you'd like to do with them... or even references to tagging patterns from other apps that you love.

    You are correct that the only place to put this information (for now) is notes.  The good news is that notes are searchable - just click on candidates / search and choose the "notes only" option.  It's not exactly tagging, but it's an OK work around till we get there.

    Thanks again for the suggestion and happy hiring,


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    Brendan Wales

    Hi Dan, 

    Thanks for the note.  I just shot a note to the dev. team and they should be able to provide you with a bit more feedback soon as it was their suggestion.

    We should be in contact shortly,


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    Jim Lockwood

    I am on board with this idea!!

    Further hitting Brendan's point - creating folders within the system like tagging would GREATLY enhance efficiency and response time to new customer requirements.  In turn BEATING out your competitors….

    For example, when creating a folder just for J2EE developers. Customer calls in a new contract requirement for J2EE developers. Without folders, you would search for the word J2EE and your search would turn up every resume that had the word J2EE on it.  This could include database admins and other non-developers who put the word J2EE on their resume as a technology within their environment.  So your job is now to not only call on all the resumes but also source through candidates to identify who is a developer and who is not. 

    The next thing you know – your COMPETITOR fills your position because of their speed to respond.

    This idea NEEDS SUPPORT FROM THE COMMUNITY!!  Please VOTE and push this idea UP the food chain….



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    Dmitri Lisieienko

    Second that

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    Mark Schwarz


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