Currently when JobScore posts onto the LinkedIn groups we specify, it does NOT post onto the Jobs tab, just the main page.  I've received several complaints from the Group admins because they have to manually move it (some are saying I cannot post on their groups anymore because of this), and it's also not ensuring that jobseekers are seeing our postings since it's not going to the right place.  I would strongly encourage JobScore to update their posting process for LinkedIn group postings so that they are added to each Group's "Jobs" tab -thanks!!

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Aimee,

    Thanks for your note - we feel your pain.  We've heard this from a few other people as well.  We are using a generic " share on linkedin" widget which is built to post to the main discussions (i.e. this is linkedin's widget, not ours).  I'll reach out to the folks at linkedin about this, but IIRC they don't provide the ability to post to the jobs tab in groups through the API - so we can't even build a solution for you if we wanted to.

    Unfortunately the best work -around here is to create custom tracking links and then log into linkedin and cut-and-paste the job and the link into the "jobs" section of each group...

    We'll circle around with the team at LinkedIn and see if there's something we can do.

    • dan
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