1) Be able to "rate & review" a candidate.

Have the rating be averaged up.

i.e. If John & I both interview a candidate, we can add our review and also rate them. The ratings could be averaged and displayed in the list view.

2) Enter salary requirements or asking salary of candidate. This would also be nice to have in the list view.

RIght now all this can be captured in notes, but it is hard to filter/sort/search without having specific fields.



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    Dan Arkind

    Hey doug.  An interesting request, and something that is actually standard in some recruiting organizations (Google).

    We refer to this enhancement as "structured feedback and ratings" and we view as an extension of notes templates - i.e. you kind of want to extend notes to actually be like a mini-survey... so you might have a template where you ask for free form notes, but you ask people to rate a candidate on a few different vectors (not just one).

    This enhancement isn't on the immediate-term roadmap, however.  Is what's described above what you are looking for, or would something much simpler suffice?

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