1) Be able to "rate & review" a candidate.

Have the rating be averaged up.

i.e. If John & I both interview a candidate, we can add our review and also rate them. The ratings could be averaged and displayed in the list view.

2) Enter salary requirements or asking salary of candidate. This would also be nice to have in the list view.

RIght now all this can be captured in notes, but it is hard to filter/sort/search without having specific fields.



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    Dan Arkind

    We've added ratings to jobscore and do average them up (as well as report on them).  The beta is wrapping up, please email support@jobscore.com if you'd like to participate.

    We do have a desired compensation field we've added to jobscore (which we can turn on for you).  This will be part of our customizable job application enhancement and we plan to allow you to build lists / filter responses based on the answer to this (or any other) anwser.

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