It takes a long time to go into each candidate and bring up their profile, wait for that page to load, and pull up the resume and wait for that to load, and then print that one resume. When there are lots of resumes to be resumed, many of us want to print them all out so we can write comments and keep paper copy for a record. It would be good to create a way to mass print resumes for candidates that meets a certain filter in the candidates screen.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hey David, hear you, but unless there is a lot of voting for this feature we aren't likely to get to it anytime soon.

    Jobscore is designed to display and capture feedback *online* in the system.  We provide multiple mechanisms for you to easily flip through profiles or resumes online and the ability to add notes and disposition candidates easily in a nav / away / nav / back pattern.  We take extensive measures to back up our data and, essentially, never delete anything *and* make it searchable / easily accessible by you and your colleagues.

    i.e. - we'd like to figure out how to make jobscore's online experience meet your needs -- and if it's lacking, please let us know how.

    If you *must* print, could you let us know why you need to do that?

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