So we've been with jobscore long enough now, that people who we've turned down in the past, are re-applying for new positions in the company.


It would be great if there was a visual notification that the candidate has previously applied for a position.  That way we can review notes and see why we may have turned down the candidate.  

Maybe match off email address.   or some combination of information  (incase there's duplicate names, but are different people).


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Mike, we did add this feature a while back... if the candidate has been considered for more than 1 position a +1 (or +2, +3) shows up on the candidate manager / by job listing... If you hover on it, it should show you which jobs they applied for

    If you are on the candidate's record directly all of the jobs they've been considered shown in the job assignments area in the right hand column.

    Email support@jobscore.com if you'd like a personal walkthrough of this feature.


    with respect to duplicates:

    1. We don't let candidates apply for the same job more than once - i.e. if we detect a duplicate the candidate re-uses their same profile again, or, at least, we prompt them to.
    2. If you try to enter a candidate directly with the same email address (or resume) we also detect the duplicate.

    If you are having problems with lots of duplicate candidates in Jobscore, please let us know - we'd like to understand how that's happening.

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