Currently we are  hiring multiple individuals for the same job. When filling a job in job score it asks if the job should remain open, if so it clones the job and assigns the new hire to the cloned job. 

When running the funnel report on the  original job, it shows 0 hires, because all the hires are associated with these cloned jobs.

This forces me to use the ALL  filter which then shows me my pipeline and my hired, so I can get an idea of hire:resume ratio.

The problem is that this also includes other departments and job types. 

I would like to be able to do the following:

1) Ability to select multiple jobs in the job drop down (i.e. I can select the current job and the cloned ones). This would allow me to see the full funnel and not have the metrics polluted by other jobs/departments, which may exhibit different behavior.

2)  Ability to select department via a new drop down. This would allow me to see a full for ALL jobs in the Engineering department.

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    Dan Arkind

    HI Douglas,

    These are two of the items currently in our backlog for reporting.  We describe them as:

    1. Update reporting selection pattern to multi-select instead of drop down // add grouping options (departments)

    2. Create parent-child relationships between original and cloned jobs.

    The workaround, for now, unfortunately, is to build the report multiple times, export it each time and merge the .csv exports together into an uber-report.  Takes a few more steps and is inconvenient, but should get you what you need if you really need it.  A potential hack if the *only* additional piece of information you need is hires for a multi-fill role is to just pull that value from the "hire" report and add it in.

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