It would be great to have a notes field for each job


I like to keep notes on the searches I'm running, boolean strings, what the results look like, etc.  Having that available, per job, would be really great.


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    Val Fahs-Thatcher

    I need to capture interview process for each job, and presentation request for each advanced candidate per job.

    Right now that information is scattered across google docs, word files, and email, and I cannot share with team members.

    A simple open text field would suffice at this point, for inside eyes only.

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    Petra Pino

    Val thanks for the vote!

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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Val,

    Most of our customers capture the interview *process* for each job as 1 or more note templates - i.e. a stored series of questions for each step in the process.

    Let us know if that helps or contact support if you'd like a walkthrough of note templates...

    Notes can also be shared with team members on a case-by-case basis and you can attach up to three documents to each one.

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    Owen Johnson

    I also need to capture information for specific jobs that I'd like to keep in a note. This would be really helpful for me.


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