I spoke with Lisa about this and she recommended that I make my request here.

Currently, candidates have the following options

1) choose from list of job boards.

2) Put "other" which then opens up "referred by"

I would like for Referred by to be more apparent.  This will be an important data field for us as we want to roll out a referral program.  But, when it has 2 click throughs, I'm concerned that candidates won't readily identify the referral.

Thank you. 


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Vonnie,

    Thanks for putting in this request.  In days past we did have a source called "referral" and it was widely mis-used by candidates applying for jobs - i.e. if you put this option in there candidates mis-categorize themselves extremely frequently, dirtying up your data.

    The way we've worked around this problem after some trial and error:


    For your referral program, please just ask your users to add their referrals directly into JobScore.  If they log in themselves the candidates will automatically be categorized as user-entered and with the correct source.


    Also ask your employees to share jobs through JobScore - if they do this they will be categorized as "social network" or "email" but referral will also be checked with the employee's information pre-populated

    If you follow these two simple steps you should have zero problems with your campaign.

    If this isn't going to work for you (or others) please let us know where you feel the issue will be - we think referrals are really important and we want to make sure you can do what you need to!


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    DeAnna Alm

    I would recommend that using "referral" require the name of the person referring to be put in.  I just looked at an applicant today who has the orange referral marking, but I have no idea who, if anyone, actually referred him.

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