I'd like to be able to modify someones score on certain criteria so that I can better reflect their overall score since we'd like to use this sort big pools of applicants.  The underlying issue is that Scoring is really important to filtering, sorting, and ranking candidates.  Your automated scoring is interesting, especially on the JobNetwork but ultimately we need to be able to score our candidates ourselves based on more than just keywords in their resume (how would we score "attitude"?). Otherwise, we're keeping our scoring/ranking separately in excel files, defeating the purpose of your system.  Or we keep it in your "Notes" section but then there's no way to see this at a glance like your automated scoring.

Example 1:

We list Java as a critical criteria.  Candidate turns out to be quite experienced with it but it wasn't listed on their resume.  We want to edit scoring of that candidate to reflect their true score

Example 2:

We heavily weight WHERE they went to school.  But there's a long list of top schools we like.  But we don't want to add each one as a criteria because its time consuming and will probably throw off the scoring.  Instead, I'd like to indicate that a yes or no on wether they went to a top school for computer science.

Example 3: 

We weight heavily on attitude but there's no way today to score on that.

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