From the Jobs tab, I'd like to be able to filter the jobs by Recruiter, in addition to Location, Department, Status. 


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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Tyler,

    Interesting request and I've heard similar requests before, but if you don't mind, could you write out long form what it is you are trying to accomplish by doing this?

    i.e. what is it you want to see (and with what frequency).  when you filter by user (I assume you mean you'd like to be able to filter by any user, not just recruiter using this control?) what are you going to *do* with this data.

    Thanks for contributing here!


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    Heather Hay

    Hi Dan,

    What we're thinking, when a Recruiter/User clinks on the Jods tab, they should only see "their" jobs and if I, the Recruiter/User, wants to see all the jobs listed in the system, they would select a separate filter.   This would feed into reports as well, which it may already and I just haven't used reports enough yet.  

    Would I be correct in saying that -  User = Recruiter ; Hiring Manger is a hiring Manger ; HR is HR - HR people can be Recruiters and those settings should be managed by User privileges, correct?


    Thank you,


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Heather!

    Okay, this makes sense, especially for larger firms.  So - the goal, really, is that when people click on the jobs tab they only see the open jobs that they are assigned to (my jobs) vs. every open job in the company.

    Also - we have a somewhat convoluted permissions system (that we are currently looking at, actually) - and by user I just mean "anyone in jobscore" - so you could toggle to see the jobs of anyone in the account, independent of their role- so toggling the user would just show every job they were assigned to, independent of whether they were the hiring manager for one role or an interviewer on another role.

    If you'd like to get into a deeper discussion of user roles, permissions & how those things are managed, it's likely best for us to get on the phone.

    What one of our other customers requested was simply that on the jobs manager (jobs tab) that we show the name of the hiring manager & name of the recruiter for each job (likely instead of the # of postings and shares) as sortable values - so you could easily filter / re-order the list based on hiring manager or recruiter.

    Would that be useful?

    Thanks again for your input - customer feedback is how we make JobScore better!

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    Dan Arkind

    This is currently in the queue.

    We've now show recruiters and hiring managers on the job manager.

    We plan to make it so that on the job manager you can filter by user - so it will only show jobs where the specific user is on the hiring team.

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