Allow user to enter a signature which will be attached to any emails sent to candidates.


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Doug,

    Great suggestion and we struggled with putting this in the UI and opted not to.

    JobScore email templates include robust custom-form field capabilities which can be used to create signatures... we've seen customers do two things to put signatures in emails:

    1. For some templates it makes sense to hard-code the signatures, typing in a specific individual's name, title, email, phone, etc.  Customer also typically set the "from" address to be from this specific user by-default.

    2. If multiple users are going to use the same template, we've seen customers add custom signatures to the bottom of templates by adding something like this:






    In this case all of the relevant information for the sender will be added as a signature.

    Please let me know if this addresses your concern... you can customize the signature form per email template in this way.

    Happy hiring!



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    Douglas Ferguson

    Unfortunately our plan doesn't allow us to use templates.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Douglas,

    Yes, we do charge for features that add value - not going to apologize for that.

    w/r/t this - you do get several customize-able "baked in" templates on the low end plan and they have these custom field capabilities... but you need admin access to make the changes... the functionality is the same, you just get the ability to create your own templates if you go higher end plans...

    • dan


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