When a candidate responds to an email from a specific JobScore user, it would be super helpful if the reply was automatically tracked into JobScore rather than having to go through the extra step of forwarding to bcc@inbox.jobscore.com. 

This is unnecessarily time-consuming and in the business of a day, people are likely to forget to do it.  If there are multiple users involved in the recruitment process, they should be able to view all the communication easily.

I know this exists in other ATS's.  I believe in those cases, everyone gets an email that would something like " linda@jobscore.com" as opposed to having to use the company email that would only go to a personal inbox.

Thank you for considering add this feature.



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    Adrienne Kenny

    I cannot stress how critical candidate email tracking is to the process. Any member of the hiring team needs to be able to pop in and see what the candidate's response is to our emails. The work around of having to reply to a candidate's email correspondence with bcc does not solve the problem.

    For example, say we send a request for a phone interview. I need to search my email to see if the candidate replied, rather than just going to the candidate's email view where the reply should be. 

    This feature absolutely exists in other ATS and it's **essential** functionality. This is big pain point when the person who sent the email is out of the office, and a hole for recruiting teams.

    Please, please prioritize as CRITICAL for the roadmap.



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