Would love to be able to choose multiple candidates (like a group that are moving on to a second interview in a particular job), and send them all an email crafted on the spot, such as "please send your availability for an onsite appointment this week with Jenny".

I don't want to create email templates for these messages - they are frequent and ever changing by job and week.

Look at Bullhorn capabilities for an example - you can create a tearsheet of candidates and send them all the same message on the fly.

BIG time-saver.

Thanks for considering,


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Val,

    This is a great suggestion, and I totally understand how it would be useful.  Furthermore, it's not that hard for us to implement - but here's what we struggle with.

    The same feature you are mentioning is what you'd use to send a blast marketing email to candidates.   These "we have a new job open!" emails are exactly the sort of emails the get marked as spam.

    If emails that come from jobscore start getting marked as spam that impacts what's referred to as the "deliverablility rate" for all of our emails, including transactional ones (like the one you mention - can you come in for an interview??)

    So - would you prefer to be able to blast out these emails and have some of your critical emails not be received (marked as spam) or have us focus on making sure your critical emails get to the people who are supposed to receive them?

    So far, we've opted for the latter.

    • dan
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