The feature where you can email resumes directly into jobscore by sending them to resume@inbox.jobscore.com is great.  I'm a sourcer and i'm starting to try to use it more in my day-to-day.

Unfortunately I've hit a roadblock that's keeping me from using it more.  It looks like when I send in a resume this way it always sets the source as me and marks me as the referrer.

I get how this is useful for employees to submit referrals, but I'd like to be able to over-ride this.

I currently use the /req command to assign candidates to jobs when I email them in... it would be great if you could add a /source command that allowed me to customize the candidate source. This would allow me to do the following:

Search a resume database like dice for resumes and download them into a folder

Just open up an email to resume@inbox.jobscore.com, drop them in, set the /req they are for and set the /source database, dice

BOOM! the candidates are in the pipeline and ready to go!

Right now if I did this I'd have to go in and edit every candidate to re-set their source so our reports work right.  Because of this I end up not using your cool feature and have to enter candidates one by one...


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