I would like to be able to add categories to Search Firms so users know what their speciality is if they are in need of a search firm.

I would also like to have a scoring feature on the how well the firms are performing.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Kelli,

    Search firms is a relatively new feature of JobScore - and these seem like good requests.  Here's where we are now:

    1. If you have search firms that focus on a particular kind of talent I recommend that you append that to the name of the search firm, i.e. "Robert Half - Tech" with our autocomplete selecton controls you should be able type "tech" and see the specialist firms.  Let us know if that works.

    2. with respect to scoring - we could add that but instead we choose to just report on results.  If you click on a search firm you can see their list of submissions and how far they went - i.e. we report on performance.  If you use this feature for a while and you need to categorize them another way, we're happy to look into this.  for now the design is that you check performance every quarter or so and if you have a firm that's not performing, just deactivate them.

    thanks for the ideas, let us know if these hacks work & keep the conversation going!


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