Similar to how the invite gets sent to the interviewer within the company.  We should also send out a confirmation email to the candidate as well. This will help with doing twice the work on the Recruiting end to resend another invite tot he candidate.  Plus everyone is on the same page.  Thanks.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Tien,

    Though JobScore doesn't send these interview confirmation emails automatically (as you are suggesting), we recommend using the "Send Email" area on the Candidate action page to do this when you are scheduling.

    It usually makes sense to create a few different email templates to confirm different types of interviews (phone call or onsite, for different locations)

    We recently made it much easier to use these templates by adding the ability to easily select and paste the interview schedule into your emails, the details of this are in this update:


    If you like you can tune up action templates to pre-select the template when you open up the page, please contact support@jobscore.com if you'd like a hand setting up some templates.

    Please let us know if this is not what you were thinking!

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