It'd be very beneficial to see (at a glance) the date in which we last contacted and/or put in a note for each candidate i.e. on their candidate profile and in candidate search results. 

P.S. JobScore rocks! :-)


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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Kathy,

    Today if you click on a candidate's record in the right hand side there's an area called "recent activity" - this shows the last 5 things that happened with the candidate record (with a datestamp) - hopefully this is what you are looking for.

    Currently you are correct that this piece of information is not included in search results or on any candidate list pages (like the candidate manager > by job page).

    These pages are already pretty jammed up with information as it is.  If we were to add this piece of information on either (or both) of these screens, what information do you think we should remove to make room for it?

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    Kathy Nguyen


    Thank you for your response! "Recent activity" is a very helpful component of the candidate profile, and I agree that it negates the need for a "Date Last Contacted" feature in this specific view.

    However, in search results view, "Date Last Contacted" instead of "Received" would be very helpful, at least for my primary candidate pool because our company rarely ever have applicants to our job postings. When we "Receive" a resume, it's 90% of the time going to be our manually adding the resume into the database. Our candidate base is almost entirely passive, and having the ability to chronologically sort by last contacted, not last received, would be more beneficial for us. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions about my reasoning. Thanks!

    - Kathy Nguyen

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