I'd love to see the work eligibility options clarified for candidates as "US Work Visa Holder" is way too broad. Those who have H1B visas aren't automatically able to come to a new employer, as they'd need sponsorship from the new employer where they are applying which is expensive, while someone from Canada/Mexico can apply for a TN Visa which is no cost to the employer, and then there are student visas which limit how long they can actually work for an employer before they require sponsorship. Perhaps a secondary dropdown under US Work Visa holder to indicate 'H1B', 'TN', 'Student Visa' ? As none of my clients work with existing or prospective H1B holders, this type of clarification would be very helpful upfront since in tech we get so many applicants already in the US with varying visa needs.


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    Lisa Official comment

    Hi Aimee and DeAnna,

    We just updated our Work Auth question. Have you seen the new stuff? Does it work for you?

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    DeAnna Alm

    I agree!

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