Hi there - I noticed that the Work Visa Authorization cannot be made into a required element, and I noticed it still does not have them selecting what type of visa they have (TN, H1B, J, etc) so unfortunately it's still not telling me anything - if they say they have a visa and 'are authorized to work in the US' it usually ends up meaning (from my experience) they have an H1B and need you the next employer to continue to sponsor them, so knowing what kind of visa would be important - along with having the option to make the work authorization a required field...thoughts?

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    Hi Aimee,

    If you'd like to make that question mandatory, you can do that here.

    We did update the work auth question so that there is a new box that appears if you select US Work Visa Holder called Visa Type. The Visa Type field is actually mandatory if they did select the US Work Visa Holder option.

    Does this not meet your needs?

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